I’ve been in fitness for over 20 years. In those years I have re-invented myself many times. I have found that everyone has a strength or a quality that shines.  Mine has always been to help others find that strength inside them. Life is about facing your fears, going outside of your comfort zone and becoming the best YOU,  Since there is only one YOU, I want everyone to see you shine.  I love to challenge myself, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. I am willing to throw myself off a mountain bike, design a website, create a new fitness program. Whatever it takes to grow. Challenge yourself and see what happens. Your potential is endless and the reward is an experience filled ride!

I made it my mission to help others define and achieve their goals. My love of the outdoors drove me to discover ways to increase strength, endurance, and performance. My passion for helping others drove me to seek out ways to structure training programs accessible to any person, regardless of their ability, mobility, or level or activity.

This is your life; live it to the fullest!



BBU Pilates Trainer, ACE Personal Trainer, TRX Group and Sports Rehab, BBU Bhodi Suspension Training, Johnny G Spinning, Group Fitness, BOSU Balance Training, Core Align 1 and 2. Specializing in incorporating all forms of movement for a better quality of life and balance.

JNRI Certified Coach


“ I am over 90. Margie has helped me immeasurably in strength, balance, and just as important self confidence. Since March of 2014, I visit her studio for one hour twice a week. She is truly a professional in every possible way. ”


“ Margie opened my eyes to an increased awareness of fitness which took me far beyond the typical notions of simply looking fit. At 55 years old, I am regularly queried about my strength and agility by 20 and 30 somethings. Ride a 70 mile day on a bicycle loaded with 40 pounds of gear? No problem. Put on my boots standing on one foot? Easy! Stand tall and straight? It’s now my default posture. Margie knows her stuff, and has a gift for helping you to learn it. If you are ready to go the next step – be it just getting moving again, looking “fab at 50” or training for a serious physical challenge, Margie will get you ready! ”


“ The hardest part of any training session is putting on your shoes and getting out the door.”

I guess with age comes wisdom because I made one of the wisest decisions of my life, I called Margie. I told her my dream to climb Mt Rainier and that I needed to be in the best shape of my life. Before training with Margie I dreaded working out. I hate being stuck in a smelly hot gym. Margie did not only assess my physical level, but she got to know me and what I am passionate about. This is what she centered my training around. Instead of walking on an inclined treadmill at a local gym, she found some of the steepest hills in Cincinnati and we climbed them, over and over again. The key is we, she was right beside me every step, coaching me on proper technique, pushing my limits, and encouraging me. I actually thought I was losing my mind, because I found myself looking forward to my training, and never in my life had this been the case.

Thanks to Margie not only was I physically prepared but I had the mental toughness I needed. During our training anytime I wanted to stop mountain climbers, burpees, sprints, etc. before the timer was up Margie would say, “You can do anything for another minute.”

I reached the summit of Mt Rainier on July 11th 2013 at 7 am PCT. Thanks to Margie and the gift she has to make fitness and training unique to each person, I was able to stand on top of Mt Rainier and continue to DREAM BIG. ”


“ The Fitness Fusion class on Tuesday evenings is a MUST for anyone looking for a fast paced and FUN workout that will push you to your limits no matter your current fitness level. Margie adapts the workout to each individual’s needs to make it challenging and fun at the same time!!! ”


“ Margie's Personal Fitness makes it fun while exercising my entire body. I lost 25lbs and 2 pant sizes. ”


“ I’ve been training with Margie for 8 years now, and I believe she is one of the most experienced, committed and caring trainers around.

Margie is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). She is always focused on helping me improve in the areas where I'm weakest - in my case, a seemingly never ending list! Importantly, she ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.

I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have at my age, (currently 48) if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions. Margie is always very encouraging.

I would recommend Margie in a heartbeat!. ”


“ I’ve found that pilates practice through Studio Environment to be very beneficial. My instructor, Margie is well educated and provides great instruction. I know my health and body have improved through her experience and knowledge.. ”


“ Margie is a wonderful trainer who is always very aware of your limits and capability but at the same time she manages to push you a little further than you believe you can go. ”